Welcome to Ruthie's Beach House! 

Where doing what makes your heart and soul happy is the order of the day.

Where growing your business is serious business, done in a way that... you got it... makes your heart and soul happy.

Where embracing  your creativity and your uniqueness is ample motivation for getting things done, and where self-confidence reigns supreme (and if it doesn't we'll help you get there) because we all deserve to be confident, creative soulpreneurs.

I am Ruthie, and I'm so very happy you're here!

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About Ruthie

Hi! I'm Ruthie, 

I've been running online businesses since 1997, and and for the first time in 25 years I feel like I have a business and a blog that are 100% just Ruthie. 

What can you expect here?

A little of this and a lot of that.

Mostly I'm going to talk about my life as a creative soulpreneur. Motivation, being artsy, leaning into your creativity and how to use it in business. Throw in a little bit of confidence building and healthy living and we'll have a great time together!

Thanks for sharing a step or two on this journey with me!

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