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Every blog has content that works, in that it that outperforms your other content, and draws new visitors in. Some topics definitely resonate more with your audience and paying attention to the content that appears more successful is a good indicator of what is working on your blog. And since we’re all about doing more of what works, expanding on the content that brings the most traffic and engagement makes a lot of sense.

expand on content that works blog header

Here are 3 ways to expand on content that works:

1. Maximize the topic

When you have a topic that gets a lot of traction, it makes sense to create additional content on the topic. Expand on elements of the topic one at a time by creating new content that adds value. You’ll also want to link the new content to the old in order to give it an SEO a boost at the same time. When you do this, you’re also making it easier for your readers to find more relevant content on the topic.

For example, if you have a post on journaling for personal growth, you could also create content that dives deeper into the topic. You could create content on different types of journaling, journaling mindset, journaling supplies, journal prompts, etc. Every piece of content you create ties into the theme of journaling somehow and adds value for your readers.

2. Create engaging social media content

Your social media content should compliment the content you post on your site. The general idea is that using social platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook can expose your content to new audiences and entice them to visit your site to discover your other content.

Creating backlinks that lead to your highest-ranking content can expand the reach of content that works and take it to another level.  

3. Expand what works through collaboration

I am a huge fan of collaboration. You can expand your reach and get your content working even harder for you when you collaborate with other content creators in your niche.

Things like interlinking content can boost your rankings and expand your reach. Connecting with other content creators who compliment and add value to your high-performing posts makes sense. You can also collaborate on co-written posts and promote each other to help increase exposure.

Final Thoughts

Creating more content that works is a great way to expand your reach and grow your business. But, it also pays to remember that your website isn’t the only thing that matters in your business.

Connecting with other content creators also expands your reach and gets your content in front of new audiences.

Take the time to evaluate what works in all areas of your business and do more of works there too!

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