4 ways to boost creative energy

It’s no secret among creative people that there are times when we wish we had more creative energy. Sometimes even though we can see what we want to create in our mind, there’s just not enough energy to get into the actual creation mode.

Fortunately, there are things you can do when the lack of creative energy hits.

Here are 4 ways to boost your creative energy and get it flowing again…

Let The Real You Out

Sometimes a lack of creative energy can come from keeping ourselves bottled up and under wraps.

I get it, because I do it too. Sometimes it’s just easier to hide your unique personality in order to get along with the people around you. Even now, I still tend to do things like hide my tarot cards and watch what I talk about when the family comes to visit.

That doesn’t mean it’s right, though. And really you be able to share your true self with those who are closest to you.

Here are a couple of ways you can let your true personality shine and give your creative energy a boost at the same time.

  1. Redecorate at least one room in your house the way you want it.  I’m finding this much easier to do now that I live alone! And I have to admit, it does give me a creative boost to arrange everything just the way I like it. There’s something about picking my own art for the walls, and the new pots for my plants, that unleashes the boho beach girl just dying to get out!
  • Dress in your own style. How you dress says a lot about you, and if you dress to hide your true self, you’re also really hiding your creativeness at the same time. I get that we all have to wear a uniform of sorts depending on the job we do, but giving your clothing your own style so that your personality shines through can really boost your creative energy if you let it. Although I will be the first to admit, it’s much easier to dress to your own style when you work from home and no one sees you all day!
Notice Your Environment

You’d be surprised at how much creative energy you can harness just from noticing your environment. When you actually stop and pay attention to the things around you, whether it’s people, nature, or even the city streets  you travel every day, you will find things that spark your imagination and make you want to create something.

It’s easy to do too. Sometimes we make things harder than they have to be by thinking that paying attention to your environment means you have to out and sit in the woods or something. I’m telling you that it doesn’t have to be that hard. You can do simple things like:

  • Take a different route on commute once in awhile
  • Go to the park and people watch
  • Really look at the stuff on your bookshelves
  • Watch the view outside your window
  • And of course, if you can, head for the woods or the beach and really soak up the natural world at its best
Make Small Changes

I’m not a fan of making huge changes anymore. I’ve done that, and it’s way too traumatic for me, and if I’m honest about it, it does a lot more harm than good when it comes to creative energy.

But, if you’re stuck in a rut, there are small changes you can make that just might give you the creative spark you’re looking for.  It’s really all about giving yourself a little time and space to open up to something new that just might bring a bit of creative energy and flow back to you.

Here are a few ideas for small changes you can make to boost your creative energy:

  • Read a book that you wouldn’t usually pick up
  • Watch a movie that you wouldn’t typically choose
  • Talk to a total stranger that you think looks interesting
  • Go shopping at a store that you have never been to. You don’t necessarily have to buy anything, just go in and look around.
  • Meet a friend you haven’t seen for a long time
Let Your Imagination Loose

I could write for years on this topic and never run out of things to say!

If you’re finding your creative energy blocked, then let your imagination come out to play.

There are all sorts of things you can do to fire up your imagination, such as doodling, free-writing, painting, especially thinks like random abstract brush strokes.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I start a new doodle page every week in my journal. And every time I need a little creative energy or feel blocked about what I’m working on, I sit with that page and a pen and doodle in one section of my drawing. It’s totally abstract, it doesn’t matter what it looks like because no one is going to see it, and it totally loosens up my brain to find a creative solution to whatever the problem I’m dealing with is.

Another way you can let your imagination loose is to re-imagine a favorite fairy tale. Think about it… how many movies and best-sellers have been created this way?

As someone once said, “You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, you just have to make the everyday your own.”

Final Thoughts

As you can see from these ideas, you don’t have to build a masterpiece to boost your creative energy. All these simple things can help you become more creative in your everyday life. There are opportunities all around you to build up your creative energy, you just have to be open to seeing them. And then take the actions your new perspective inspires in you!

Happy creating!

About the Author

Ruth is self-styled creative soulpreneur who loves that she gets to play with words and pictures for a living. She started her first email newsletter in 1997 and has never looked back. Between creating printables and courses, she publishes a daily newsletter, loves to golf and walk on the beach and is teaching herself how to do hand-lettering and doodle art.

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