5 ways to spoil best customers

Finding ways to reward your best customers is a great way to show them how important they are to you. You know that your customers are what make your entire life and business a success, and are a big part of why you do what you do. But you also need to make sure that they know how important they are in your world.  

Here are 5 ideas for spoiling your best customers so they know how important they are to you…

1. Give them Unannounced Bonuses

Whether you sell digital items or physical items, you always have a chance to wow customers by giving unannounced bonuses. You can do this in several ways. You can let them pick some bonus items to add to their shopping cart for free at check out, you can add them to the product download page, so they find out when they go to download, or you can email them or mail them the additional bonuses any time after purchase. You can also give them coupons to use at their convenience, so they’ve always got a reason to come and check out your product catalog.

2. Offer them Live Q and A Sessions

Offer your customers special Q & A days via your Facebook group chat or via a Zoom webinar. You can even do open phones on Skype or other chat program. You can either schedule something so they have time to plan, or do a spur-of-the-moment live in your Facebook Group for whoever happens to be around at the time.

3. Sneak Peak & Early Product Access

Send your customers early notice and early discount opportunities for your products and services before you do the official launch. So often customers only feel special during the onboarding process, but why not make them feel special for being loyal, too? Your customers can even take part in helping you improve and perfect the product while feeling special due to getting it early.

I would add one caveat to this option because while it’s a good one, it also leaves your affiliates out of the loop if you don’t have your affiliate program set up so that they get credit for the customers they’ve sent to you. (That’s probably a whole article for another day)

4. Reward them for Referring Friends

A fun thing to give your best customers is a discount code that they can provide to their friends. People love giving their friends discount codes. That’s why ride shares, room rentals, and food delivery programs have taken off so fast. It’s all due to the free sharing of the discount codes. If you are using something you really like, you’re for sure going to give that code to others. It’s nice if you provide them with a discount on their next purchase, too.

If you have an affiliate program, encourage your best customers to sign up for it so they can be rewarded for sharing your products and services too.

5. Create a Monthly Customer Special

Your customers love deals, and one final way  you can spoil them is to give them exclusive deals from you or your promotion partners. You’ll often see this in the form of a “For My List Only” special.

Final Thoughts

These five creative ways to spoil your best customers are easy to implement and inexpensive to add, but they will make a massive difference in how your customers see your business and their place within it. Just remember to keep it easy for them to take advantage of. The less hoops they have to jump through to claim a reward, the more they will love you for it!

About the Author

Ruth is self-styled creative soulpreneur who loves that she gets to play with words and pictures for a living. She started her first email newsletter in 1997 and has never looked back. Between creating printables and courses, she publishes a daily newsletter, loves to golf and walk on the beach and is teaching herself how to do hand-lettering and doodle art.

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