About Ruthie

I'm Ruth Bowers and I've been a soulpreneur since 1997. That's about when I started my first email newsletter. 

My main business now is creating low-content printables, planners, and courses. I love to create pretty things like digital papers, planners and journals. My friends call me the "repurposing queen" because I'm always taking content of all types, and turning it into something completely different. It's not only my business, it's also something that relaxes me.

But my first love has always been writing, and I've built my business mostly through writing and email marketing. And I'm happy to be getting back to doing more of that in 2022.

As a busy soulpreneur who loves her work, I do spend a lot of time in front of the computer, and you won't see me changing that any time soon. I do, however, work hard at balancing all that work with fun things like golfing and walks on the beach. I've also been known to curl up with a good book or a Hallmark movie on occasion too! To me being a soulpreneur means doing what makes your heart and soul happy, and I love that I've been able to craft a life for myself doing just that.

Balance is key and over the years I've worked through both extremes of the scale. I've worked through the times that I knew I should be taking some down time, and I've shut down when I knew there was work to be done because I just couldn't do one more thing.

Knowing your limits is a huge part of being a soulpreneur, and knowing when to pivot and move in a new direction is key. And that's why I've created this new site where I can focus on sharing not only my email marketing tips but my other courses and trainings with you as well. 

So a bit about my road to here...

It's been a long and winding road to get to where I am today. Between health scares, bad life choices, and a severe case of "shiny object syndrome" I made things a lot harder than they had to be! 

This blog is all about sharing what I've learned along the way, and continue to learn every single day both about building a business you love, and building a life you love too! I know from experience it's not always easy, but loving your life and creating what makes your soul happy is definitely worth it!

I'm not here to tell you my way is the only way or even that it's the best way for you. But I am here to share the tools I use so you can get to living a happier life quicker. 

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What can you expect here?

A little of this and a lot of that.

Mostly I'm going to talk about my life as a creative soulpreneur, and how I make that happen.  Motivation, being artsy, leaning into your creativity and how to use it in business. Throw in a little bit of marketing and publishing, add a dash of confidence building and healthy living and we'll have a great time together!

Thanks for sharing a step or two on this journey with me!

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