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Positivity Prints Edition

Additional Videos

Occasionally I add new videos, especially if the zoom demos tend to not work. As we all know, sometimes zoom does not play well with photoshop and other software programs. 

Additional Resources

Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be adding extra list building resources here for you. Bookmark this page, and I'll email you as well when new goodies are added!

Card Templates

Red River Paper Company

PLR for Tips, Affirmations, Journal Prompts - Affirmations, Reflections, Articles, Worksheets, etc.

Tools for Motivation - Tips Sheets, Full Packages with Ebooks, Lead Magnets, Social Images

Createful Journals - Journal Prompts, Planners, Journals, Templates

Other Resources

Positivity Printables Made Easy - from Amy Harrop

Perpetual Digital Planners - from Melody Wigdahl

Create Digital Stickers in Affinity - Catherine Beebe

Here's to your success!

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