4 Tips for creating email sequences that work

We’ve been talking a lot about email marketing lately, but I’m not sure that I mentioned one of the most important parts, and that is your email sequences.

If you’re not sure what an email sequence is, it is a set of emails sent to specific groups of subscribers or readers on your list.

4 Tips for creating email sequences that work

Email sequences can be either trigger-based or time-based. Trigger-based usually means the sequence is started based on a set of criteria or behaviour.  For example, when someone clicks a link to receive a free report, the link is what triggers the email sequence.

Time-based sequences can be started a certain number of days after a purchase, the subscriber’s birthday, or anything else based on a specific date. Triggering a thank you or welcome email right after opt-in or purchase is another common example of a time-based sequence, as well as a trigger.

Here are four tips for creating email sequences that work to your maximum advantage:

Tip #1 – Have a clear purpose to your sequence

First, you must know your goal, and in order to do that, you must know your audience, including the kinds of problems they are dealing with. Second, what is the overall purpose of sending and creating the email sequence? Don’t just create an email sequence because you know it is the best marketing strategy out there. It helps if you have a clear goal and understanding of the email sequence too.

Tip #2 – Craft clear and concise subject lines

Crafting a good title for your emails is going to directly affect your open rates. Make sure they are relevant, to the point, and have your most important keywords in the beginning for the best results. The actual format for your subject lines is going to depend on the type of email you’re sending though. There are some times when a longer subject line works better than short ones.

 Tip #3 – Always have a Call to Action

For every goal you set, there should be a separate call-to-action that helps you to achieve it. You need to make sure it is clear to you readers exactly what next step you want them to take.  (More on this in a future series.)

Tip #4 – Focus on giving readers accurate information

The emails in your sequence should be clear, concise and to the point. This is your opportunity to educate and provide value to your customer. You want to exceed their expectations from the start in order to build the know, like, and trust relationship. The more educational content you provide with accurate information that helps your subscribers, the more likely they will trust your authority and establish your credibility.

Final Thoughts

Putting the time and effort into your email sequence is worth it in the long run. These tips for creating email sequences that work should help you retain the list you grow, and achieve your marketing goals.  

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*Note: This post includes affiliate links, for which I will receive a small commission should you make a purchase.

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