New Year, New Habits Bundle Sale

Ruthie's 5th Annual January Bundle Sale

It's Bundle Time Again!

Hi! It's Ruthie Bowers here, and it's time for my annual Bundle Sale! 

This year we've got a great New Year, New Habits themed bundle for you that features of mix of training, personal use products, and PLR templates on the topics of Journaling, Self-Care, and Mindset. Right now there are 40 products with a combined total of approx $1600 waiting for you. 

For only $37, you will have access to ALL of the products listed in the bundle. Save them to your computer or favorite cloud program (I recommend dropbox). The access page will be delivered promptly after purchase with instructions on how to get your content and trainings. Please be aware that you will need to sign up with each business to get access to their product or training.

This crazy bundle deal is only available through January 31.

Don't miss out!

Mindset Products

With Personal Use License

From Val Selby
Choose to Be Productive Mini Class (value $47)

You can sit in busy work or choose to hit your goals. This mini class is for those online business owners who are sitting at their computer for hours and wondering at the end of the day why nothing got done.

License: Personal Use

From Andrea Frey
Word of the Year Workshop Templates (value $44)

Want to help your audience start the New Year with intention and focus? My Word of the Year Workshop Templates will help you do just that! Create a highly impactful workshop experience for your audience without spending hours and hours creating something from scratch.

License: Personal Use (Phone Wallpaper includes PLR license)

From Rayven Monique
Vision Board Manifesting Virtual Group Experience (value $97)

A Vision Board is a way to sell your own ideas to yourself, to anchor to your dreams and to allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life. As someone who has made my own Vision Boards (and manifested some amazing results!), I’ve learned it’s more than just slapping a picture onto a poster board. It’s about first getting clear on your authentic life, letting go of what’s in the way – and then clearly connecting with your dreams while designing a vision that calls to you. That’s why I’m leading the Vision Board Manifesting Virtual Group Experience... to give you the space you need to intentionally define your dreams and create a Vision Board that will effortlessly attract your ideal outcomes to you!

License: Personal Use 

From Angela Wills
Mindmap Everything (value $95)

Mindmaps are a tool to help with critical thinking. They help you see the big picture and connect ideas that you can't if you were looking only at one piece. Mindmaps are especially helpful for those of us with so many thoughts and ideas in our minds that it's difficult to think or assemble our ideas into lists or plans. I've spent years creating and using Mindmaps for my own business and life. When you join this masterclass I'll teach you how to use them to do the same. You get immediate access to the streaming video and mindmap templates.

License: Personal Use

From Sue Fleckenstein
Sue_30 Day Gratitude Journal_PUO
30 Day Gratitude Journal (value $27)

One of the best ways to delevop and a new habits is by keeping a Gratitude Journal. You can start each day by recording what you are grateful for. This can boost your mood and mindset for the entire day. This 30 Day Gratitude Journal comes with 30 bonus prompts to help you get started writing. It can be printed out in either color or black and white, and you can print off a new version each month.

License: Personal Use 

From Lisa Mulhern
LisaM_kick procrastination in 2023
Kick Procrasination To The Curb in 2023 (value $44)

Are you sick of not getting things done, failing, and... - Feeling overwhelmed by too many projects? - Not succeeding because you're not taking action? - Not taking action because your mind is scattered?

Procrastination at a surface level in itself is a problem, but looking deeper under the hood is what is needed, because procrastination is simply a surface level symptom, it's not the root cause. The root cause lies in our mindset and habits, and whether these are supporting or disabling us, thus having a knock on impact making us think that we just aren't good at managing our time. With my 12 page guide and 30min masterclass I am here to help you change the way in which you not only approach but also think about procrastination.

License: Personal Use 

From Stephanie Widmaier
StephW_Rewire Your Brain with Preview jpegs_Bundle pic (2)
Rewire Your Brain Pack (value $37)

Encourage daily, healthy thinking patterns with this faith-based brain rewiring pack! Included are instructions, an activity board game with cards, reminder cards with Bible verses, three bookmarks with Bible-based declarations, a coloring page, and eight journal prompt pages.

License: Personal Use

From Debra Anne
Debraanne_goal bundle (600 × 600 px)
Ultimate Goal Planning Bundle (value $37)

Goal Planning Made Easy! Are You Ready To Get Clear On Your Goals, Create An Real Plan, And Take Focused Action To Achieve Your Goals? This MEGA Pack Goal Bundle includes everything you need in your journey to plan and track your progress and help you achieve your goals. Now it is time to set yourself up for success by using these unique goal overview pages and goal breakdown pages.

License: Personal Use

With PLR/Commercial Use License

From Gabby Conde
Build Positive Habits with Mindfulness Exercises & Journaling (value $37)

Want to help your clients take control of their thoughts and emotions, and build positive habits that will last a lifetime? Look no further than our mindful habits done-for-you product. It helps your customers incorporate mindfulness and journaling into their daily routines. With Positive Habits with Mindfulness, you’ll have everything you need to start helping your clients on their journey to a more mindful, fulfilled life. No more feeling overwhelmed or stuck in old patterns – you’ll have the tools to start taking control of thoughts and emotions and build positive habits that will last a lifetime.

License: PLR/Commercial

From Melanie Dougherty
BittySpireLife GROWTH MINDSET How To Guide Promo Picture Diag
Growth Mindset "How To Guide” (value $37)

The Growth Mindset - 5 Minute Journal is a detailed workbook-style "How To" Guide to walk you through guided prompts, processes and exercises to grow from your experiences and the way you interact with scenarios in your day to day life. Includes definition of Growth Mindset, examples and strategies to implement, the power of the word "Yet", benefits of positive strategies, how to view stumbling blocks as learning and growth opportunities, and much more.

License: PLR

From Alice Seba & Yusef Kulan 
Creating Your Dream Life with a Vision Board (value $47)

Teach your readers how to create their dream life with a vision board with this printables pack. We've created a report, articles, product templates, coloring pages, journals and planners you need to start growing your audience and selling instant products like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, wall art, coloring books, organizational products, printables and more. All templates come with complete private label rights (PLR) and are for commercial use. We even show you how!

License: PLR/Commercial

From Gina Jacobs
Gina_Positive Vibes Coloring Pages Mockup (600x600)
Positive Vibes Coloring Pages (value $37)

Help your customers unleash their creativity and boost their mental wellness with our Positive Vibes Coloring Pages. Each page contains a positive vibe quote or saying that is sure to provide you with inspiration and motivation! Coloring is a great way to relax, release stress & just have fun. Use the pages to create coloring books or use them in your journals and planners.

License: PLR

From Melody Wigdahl
How To Love Your Business....Again… (value $27)

Burned out? Feeling totally UN-enthusiastice about your business? Is it feeling more like a job than the business you envisioned? This 30-Day Prompted Journal will walk you through a personal assessment of why you started your business, what your initial goals were, what you have accomplished, and so much more - with the end goal of re-energizing you and re-igniting the drive that pushed you to start your business in the first place! Printable format: PDF, Keynote and PowerPoint.

License: PLR/Commercial

From Roxanne Beharie 
PLR Life-Changing Affirmations Card Deck Templates (value $27)

Introducing the ultimate tool for creating positive change in one's life - the Life-Changing Affirmations Card Deck! This powerful set of 24 affirmation cards is designed to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, release resistance, and manifest positive change in all areas of their life. Each card features a powerful affirmation that will help individuals shift their focus from negative thoughts to positive ones, and align their thoughts and actions with the energy of positive change. The affirmations are written in a way that is easy to understand and apply to daily life.

License: PLR/Commercial

Journaling Products

With Personal Use License

From Stephanie Hansen
StephH_Journal Prompts Card Deck 600
Mindset, Motivation, and More Journal Prompts Card Deck (value $37)

This Mindset, Motivation, and More Journal Prompts Card Deck is a beautiful package of 63 journal prompts covering motivation, mindset, self-care, goals, habits, and many others. Pick a card every day you need a suggestion for your journaling for inspiration on a variety of success and personal development topics. Set includes: – 7 pages with 9 quotes each – 1 page with 9 card backs, in 9 coordinating designs – Printing instructions – BONUS: 108 stickers in complementary design colors that can be printed out and used to decorate your journal and other projects (also can be used for your digital journal)

License: Personal Use Only

From Pam Collins
ACTS Prayer Journal (value $37)

Beautiful Birds and Flowers ACTS Prayer Journal. Perfect 8 1/2" x 11" size. The ACTS prayer method is a wonderful way to begin your Daily Quiet Time with the Lord each day.

License: Personal Use Only

From Becky Beach
Becky - Gratitude Journal Workshop
Gratitude Journal Workshop (value $47)

Learn how to create your own gratitude journal so that you can sell it on Etsy or another store. You also get the gratitude journal created during the workshop with commercial use.

License: Personal Use Only for Training, Included Product has Commercial Use Rights

From Shannon Furrow
Happiness Journal Pack (value $27)

This pretty guided prompt journal and set of affirmation cards will help you focus on the positive things in your life that bring you happiness. The mandala coloring pages are great for relaxing and relieving stress.

License: Personal Use Only

From Cassie Trin of
Live Your Best Life Guidebook
Live Your Best Life Guidebook (value $37)

Living your best life isn't an impossible dream - it's an achievable goal! With the help of the Live Your Best Life Guidebook, you can learn tips and tricks to making the most of your life and achieving your goals. This guidebook provides easy-to-follow prompts and intriguing questions that can help you discover the things that bring you joy and make your life more enjoyable. Whether you're looking for career success, relationships advice, or self-improvement guidance, the Live Your Best Life guidebook is the perfect resource to get you started. Start living your best life today with the help of the Live Your Best Life guidebook!

License: Personal Use Only

From KimAnne Lerch
KimAnne-NYNH 600x600
New Year - New Habits Planner Workbook (value $37)

New Habits! They say that by mid February any resolution or commitment to be better, to create a new habit, to make a change in your life, is out the window! Let's break that trend and really work on creating a or a few new habits during this year. This simple Personal Use planner is formatted in Landscape dimensions (11 x 8.5 in) and will get you and keep you on track with your new habit goals.

License: Personal Use Only

From Kate McDonald
30 Day Prompted Gratitude Journal (value $37)

You know you feel grateful and you'd like to record those feelings, but when you sit down to do it, your mind is a blank. Not to worry. This 30 day gratitude journal is filled with prompts - one for each day - to help you organize your thoughts. 33 pages Personal Use. You will receive 1 PDF file to print at 8.5 x 11" size.

License: Personal Use Only

From Helen Ross
Profit From Journaling - A Quick Start Course on How To Start A Journaling Business (value $37)

In this course, you will be focusing on how to quickly and simply start a journaling business. Cut through the clutter of information and cut to the chase. By the end of the course you should have a good idea on your niche, audience, basic business setup, where to sell your journal, the product creation planning process, components of a journal, marketing your journal, and more. The course focus more on the business side of creating a journaling business.

License: Personal Use Only

With PLR/Commercial Use License

From Amy Tripp
3 PLR Floral Journals - 50+ Pages (value $37)

Journaling is one of the top trends for 2023!! Your customers are doing LESS SCREEN TIME and these Floral Journals will provide a beautiful outlet to get them started. Over 50 pages in 3 unique floral designs. Commercial Use - Ready to List - Customizable in Canva

License: PLR/Commercial Use

From Sue Fleckenstein
6 Packs of Inspiration Templates & Journal Prompts (value $47)

Get 6 packs of my popular Monthly Inspiration Templates and Journal Prompts in one bundle. Each pack is themed around the month and contains 5 PowerPoint Templates, 30+ journal prompts, monthly calenders, fun word list, event days and some packs contain social media templates and video trainings. This is a great sampling of these products and they come with full PLR rights, you can easily create 5 new products from the templates of each pack. A fantastic way to create new content for your stores or website quickly and easily.

License: PLR/Commercial Use

From Jan Small
30 Day Journal For Tough Times (value $27)

This 30 Day Journal for Tough Times with PLR commercial Rights has guided questions and motivational phrases on every daily page to help you get through challenging periods in your life. The intro pages give guidance on using the journal and additional support you might need and also include space to expand on the challenge you’re facing and what it means to you. A4 + USL Letter Canva and Powerpoint templates included. The printable journal will make a great opt-in lead magnet or addition to your store.

License: PLR/Commercial Use

From Ana Tarouca of MyFairLadiesPrintables
Unleash Your True Nature Journal (value $27)

This is a fully editable journal created in PowerPoint, designed to help you tap into your inner self and discover your true nature. This journal is beautifully designed with illustrations and quotes that will inspire and motivate you on your journey of self-discovery.

License: PLR/Commercial Use

From Michelle Farmer
30 Day Blue Bird Self-Love Journal PLR (value $37)

The 30 Day Blue Bird Self-Love Journal PLR is a 36 Page journal in PowerPoint format with PDF, 8.5" x 11", Done-For-You PLR with commercial use rights.

License: PLR/Commercial Use

From Tamra Sellier
Digital Journal - Teal Floral (value $37)

Starting a new journaling habit is easy with a new versatile digital journal. You and your customers will love this digital journal. Comes with 12 tabbed sections and 245 stickers and word prompts to get you started.

License: PLR/Commercial Use

Self-Care Products

With Personal Use License

From Dee Pawar
Dee_Conscious Morning Routine Planner - 600PX for Ruthie's Bundle 2023
Conscious Morning Routine Planner (value $37)

Looking for ways to transform your morning routine? With our Conscious Morning Routine Planner, you can make the most of your days by creating a meaningful morning routine that includes healthy eating habits, goal setting, journaling and mindful activities. This planner will help you stay focused on what's important without falling back into old routines. Get clarity in life like never before. You'll have focus on the important things in order to reach goals faster than ever before. Boosting productivity has never been easier as this planner is customized just for YOU!

License: Personal Use Only

From Phoenix Grace
Phoenix_Live Life in Full Bloom Bundle (600 × 600 px)
Live Life in Full Bloom Bundle (value $40)

RESET and REFRESH after the busyness of 2022. Step into a new year, and new you in 2023. Take time to take care of YOU- body, soul, and spirit... with the "Live Life in Full Bloom Bundle." 5 product Bundle featuring:

  • Life in Bloom! Self-Care Journal 
  • E-book on Scriptures and Declarations 
  • Life in Bloom! Self-Care Coloring Book
  • Two mindset shifting Affirmations

License: Personal Use Only

From Martine Barclay
Martine-Quit Sugar Challenge
31-Day I Quit Sugar Challenge Workbook (value $27)

The 31 Day I quit Sugar challenge provides all the information someone will need to give up sugar in their diet. It is a downloadable PDF for Personal Use. It includes trackers, daily reflections, reasons to give up sugar, 62 names for sugar and 4 sugar free mocktail recipes.

License: Personal Use Only

From Pamela James
PamelaJ_Self Care 21-Day Graphic 600x600
Self Care is Self Love, A 21-Day Challenge (value $37)

2023 Goals? Check! 2023 Habits? Umm, what? Have you realized that habits and goals go hand in hand? Your habits have a big impact on your goals, on your life (for good and not-so-good). They can be the reason you make or break all those shiny new goals you just set. How you think and feel about yourself also has a big impact on your goals and your life overall. So let's pull everything together....It's time to create a new habit of loving yourself, to make self care a new habit for 2023. Each day for 21 days you'll receive a simple 'challenge' by email along with a journal prompt and affirmation. Your goal, if you should choose to accept it, is to create a wonderful new habit which will benefit you in every area of your life.

License: Personal Use Only

With PLR/Commercial Use License

From Aimee Bagshaw
AimeeB_PLR Self-Care & Mindset Planner & Trackers Bundle + Affirmations Listing Images 600 X 600
PLR Self-Care & Mindset Bundle (value $37)

The PLR Self-Care & Mindset Bundle comes with Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly planner, goals, affirmations, and fitness pages. It comes with a variety of different self-care, mindset, and habit trackers, as well as 2023 Dated monthly calendar pages. This bundle also comes with 25 matching affirmation cards!

License: PLR

From Jamie Emm
30-Days Self-care Builder & Habit Tracker (value $37)

Create and Develop a personalized self-care plan & a daily practice of self-care to improve your mental and physical well-being that works for your lifestyle. Help Them Build the Confidence They Need Through Self-Care!

License: PLR

From Fran Whitaker
Fran_Burnout Journal PLR Templates - FW Bundle copy
Burnout Journal PLR Templates + Digital Journal (value $47)

This package contains 30 professionally designed journal templates full of prompts and activities to help your customers identify and manage their potential burnout. Each template is designed to be easily customisable, meaning you can adjust the content and design to best fit your own business needs. With this powerful set of tools, you can help people finally take control of possible burnout and start living a life free of burnout and stress.

License: PLR

From Marcy Patterson
Marcy_self care
DFY Self-Care Planner PLR (value $37)

A Done-For-You Self-care Planner PLR that is both minimalistic and pretty! This makes it easy for you to rebrand and resell. This Done-For-You planner is easy to make more than one lead magnet, planner, or a journal! You can easily redo this whole planner for other planner types! This planner kit makes it so easy to fill your shop with beautiful products! Sell it or use it yourself! You will receive both the Canva and the PowerPoint files! Comes with full commercial use rights so that you can upload and sell right away to make money today.

License: PLR

From Mary Jo Scamurra
MaryJo_cbplr winter self care journal
Winter Self-Care Journal Template (value $37)

The beginning of the year is a great time for renewal. This journal template is filled with prompts that are winter-inspired to reflect on the beauty of the season and our self-care strategies. Fully editable with a free Canva account, add your branding to give it away or sell as-is, or change it up as you see fit. And don't forget it is perfect for your own personal use, too!

License: PLR

From Andrea Allen
Andie_Living Simply Creative - New Year New Habits Bundle - Jan 2023
Self-Care PLR Blog Posts Bundle (value $27)

Whether you're a solopreneur or a busy individual juggling work and family life, it is essential to prioritize self-care in order to remain productive and happy. In this bundle you will receive 5x PLR (Private Label Rights) blog posts 1000+ words each that entrepreneurs (you!) can use for yourself or publish on your website.These articles will explain how to take care of yourself with simple actions you can take throughout your day.

The Self-Care Blog Posts Bundle will also include 4 social media mockups (2x square and 2x Pinterest) along with 1x Self-Care Planner printable that will complement the blog posts. Stop the solopreneur overwhelm and get content on your site and a lead magnet to your audience!

License: PLR

30Day Fitness Challenges PLR For New Year New Habits Bundle- Dee Pawar of Shop

From Dee Pawar of
30 Day Challenges PLR- for Fitness and Weight Loss (value $37)

Power up your new year healthy resolutions with this 30-day challenge designed with 60+ pages of beautiful printables with coloring designs. It includes the workbook-style assessment sheets to help you and your customers get ready for the challenge. There are editable printables for health trackers, daily fitness plans, and weekly regular check-ins. On the days you may want to give up on your fitness routine, pick up this challenge workbook, spend some time coloring the printables and get back into the mood of your fitness rhythm. There is never a dull moment in 30-day challenge. And once you see the benefit, restart the challenge for another 30 days. It's your's for life. Also spread the positivity around fitness by giving away or selling this challenge to your customers as you get full commercial rights to this unique product.

License: PLR

Repurposing Personal Development PLR for Your Business Mockup

And from me... 
Repurposing Personal Development PLR for Your Business - 3 Workshop Bundle (value $197)

I want to see you get the most use out of the PLR content in this bundle, so I've created a special bundle of just 3 of the Repurposing Workshops I did last summer as bonuses for specific products. The three workshops are: 

  • Workshop #1 – Stock Your Shop – The Positivity Prints Edition
  • Workshop #2 – Put Your PLR to Work – A Year of Journaling Content
  • Workshop #3 – Repurposing Outside the Box – 340 Self-Validation Affirmations

These are replays of the live workshops, and not polished courses (yet). You'll get approx. 4.5 hours of content and discussion on how to repurpose PLR and all the cool things you can do with it in a variety of settings. 

License: Personal Use Only

Available Until January 31 Only!


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