Resource Pages for Content Upgrades

One way to make it easy for your readers is to keep a running list of all your content upgrades on a resource page.

Here’s why you want to do that…

Resource Pages for Content Upgrades

Throughout this series so far, we’ve focused on providing value for your readers through content upgrades in order to build your list. This process works great for new readers because it lets you build a relationship and build trust by giving them great content for free. But even though content upgrades start out as one opt-in offer on one blog post, it doesn’t mean that’s the only way you have to use them.

When you start to build up a regular readership, you’ll want to find a different way to handle your opt-in offers. You won’t really want to annoy your regular readers by making them opt-in for every single thing you offer. Making someone jump through the subscription hoop every time you have more free content for them is a sure way to get them to leave your list. Why would you want to make it hard for them after all the effort you went to to have the sign up in the first place?

A Resource Page Makes Content Upgrades Easy To Access

Regardless of what market you’re in, having your own website on your own domain gives you the status of someone to be listened to. You give the impression of being a successful blogger or marketer, especially to those just starting out.

When a new visitor hits your site, the first things they want to know are who you are and what resources you have available to help solve their problems. The really curious ones, especially if they are aspiring bloggers themselves, will also want to know what products and services you use to run your business.

The ‘who’ is covered by your about page, but often the other resources are scattered about on various posts and pages. By gathering them all into one page, you give your reader a starting point that makes it easy for them to find your best content.

For regular readers, it makes it easy for them to know when new content has been added. They can easily check the resource page to see if there are any new content upgrades they might be interested in.

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Creating Your Resource Page

There are a couple of different ways you can create a resource page for your content upgrades.

1. Create a resources page on your blog

The simplest way to create a resource page is just to add a new page to your blog and then add a list of links to all your available content upgrades and opt-in offers. Each link would lead to an individual opt-in page and the reader can pick and choose which ones they want.

2. Create a free resources membership

If you want to give your readers access to every content upgrade in one go, you can create a free membership site. Readers would register (opt-in) for access to a private members’ area, and every time you create a content upgrade for a post, you would also add it in the members’ area.

You don’t have to have a dedicated membership area on your site to do this. You could simply use a password protected page, and when someone opts-in for free membership access, you send the password in their welcome email.

Whichever way you decide to create your resource pages you will be providing massive value to your audience by giving them an easy access to all your free content in one place.

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